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Friday links: big questions, deworming, problems with twitter soundbites, and more

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·         Tim Ogden has two nice posts discussing critiques of randomized trials at the Financial Access Blog. The first discusses External Validity critiques, echoing some points made in a post on our blog; the second discusses the critique that randomized experiments don’t tackle the big questions that matter – Tim has a very compelling and powerful analogy of medical progress to treat blindness that he uses to argue that we need progress on both the big structural issues and on interventions to make life better given the world we live in – you should definitely read this.

·         The cost effectiveness of deworming may be much less than often reported – analysis at the Givewell Blog.

·         Call for papers – CSAE conference at Oxford – due December 1st.

·         The problem with twitter-ready data – View from a Cave follows up on Markus and Jishnu’s post from yesterday.

·         Chris Blattman summarizes several new studies: whether the death penalty deters murderers, and on the impact of cash vs food aid on local prices.


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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