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Friday links: diversifying from agriculture, funding, cookstoves and networks....

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·         A new From Evidence to Policy note from the World Bank’s HD network summarizes an impact evaluation of an experiment in Nicaragua which offered CCT beneficiaries vocational training or small grants to try and get them to diversify their income streams beyond agriculture. They find these treatments helped protect families against weather shocks in subsequent years.

·         Second call for funds under the IZA-DFID growth and labor markets in low income countries program. Due November 28, 2012.

·         Measuring influence in social networks – a new study in Science, covered by TechCrunch.

·         Another cookstoves study – this time in Bangladesh by Musfiq Mobarak – discussed on NPR, and looks at whether large price discounts can promote use (answer, no) (H/T @poverty_action).


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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