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Friday links: employment miracles, breakfast, cookstoves, new financial data, and more...

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·         My colleague Leora Klapper and manager Asli Demirguc-Kunt have just released new global data on financial access around the World called the Global Findex, funded by the Gates Foundation. See another post here. They added questions to the Gallup World poll, so have the most comprehensive data yet, which is accessible through this website – I encourage you to explore. They have questions on debit and credit card ownership, loans, savings, insurance, and much more – although my suggestion for the next round is to separate out internal and international remittances which are currently lumped together in the questions.

·         Interesting post on what predicts employment miracles on the World Bank’s MENA blog by Caroline Freund and Bob Rijkers.

·         An interesting description of the impact of blogging and tweeting about her own papers by Melissa Terras at the LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog – results are consistent with Berk and my paper on this.

·         Cookstoves and knock-out punches – Aid Thoughts discusses whether we are too ready to embrace a single study that knocks down a hyped-up development intervention.

·         Nice slides on measurement issues in Cyrus Samii’s latest lecture.

·         The NYTimes Economix blog discusses a new paper claiming to measure the impact of school quality on housing prices – how many other omitted variables can you think of that also are likely to vary with neighborhood apart from schools?

·         The impact of breakfast.


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