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Friday links: Jobs, blogs, eating veges, paying teachers, and more...

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·         The On think tanks blog examines Martin Ravallion’s work on the demand for research within the World Bank and compares it with its own work on whether research and evaluations are being used effectively by DFID staff.

·         A View from the Cave now has voting going on for their best in aid blogs. We are among the finalists in several categories, so consider voting for us here.

·         A summary of 4 impact evaluations in Latin America from the IADB Development that works blog.

·         An n=2 experiment – putting photos of fruits and veges on lunch trays makes kids put more of these on these plates – public radio story here – JAMA article here…and RAs next time I ask you to clean some messy data, think about collecting this… “After lunch, we collected and weighed all the uneaten vegetables from the containers, tables, and floor.”

·         A summary of what evaluations in the U.S. teach us about the impact of merit pay on teacher retentions courtesy of the Washington Post blog.

·         For our French-speaking readers courtesy of the J-PAL e-newsletter – a story summarizing work by Esther Duflo and others on whether reinforced job placement services for young jobseekers in France have displacement effects – they use a clustered randomized trial to see whether such help crowds out job opportunities for others. A preliminary English version of the paper is here – let us know if the French says something different – it seemed to in my limited reading.

·         A call for papers for one of my favorite conferences – the now annual AFD/WB (and now CGD) migration and development conference – it will be in Paris in June, submissions due March 15.


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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