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Friday Links: Nature’s “oops” moment, the log of income, IE workshop in Chile, and more…

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·         Before the recent and viral “oops” moments, Nature had its own – except Nature should probably have known better. Here is an example of the backlash.

·         For those analyzing income, is your problem of dealing with “zeros” solved? Chris Blattman also covered some papers presented at last week’s NEUDC.

·         Impact evaluation workshop in Chile in January for professionals from international organizations, statistical agencies, academic institutions and public and private sector officials working on impact evaluations or using the impact evaluations results to improve their policies. Register here, send questions to Paloma Acevedo.

·         Finally, our sincere thanks for the interest you’ve shown in our invitation to send us your JM papers. In the first week, we have received more than 10 submissions. We will start publishing blog posts prepared by the selected authors soon, most likely the week after Thanksgiving.


Berk Özler

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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