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Friday links: new online lessons, soap operas, systematic reviews, funding, and more...

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·         Call for papers : BREAD conference on Africa at the World Bank. Submissions due November 15, conference is at the start of March next year.

·         Tim Taylor summarizes work on the impact of soap operas on fertility in Brazil (just published in the AEJ applied).

·         Stata tutorials now on YouTube. These are put up for free by Stata Corp, and so far include 24 videos of 2-8 minutes each, on topics like “Stata Simple Linear Regression” and “Stata t-test for Two Independent Samples”.

·         Speaking of online education, MR University launched this week, with a course on development economics. First videos online give some basic facts about development, and then focus on geography – too lazy(busy?) to read Guns, Germs and Steel – watch the 18 minute video instead. A very good summary of the main arguments, but to date the content is light on critical discussion.

·         Latest issue of the Journal of Development Effectiveness is a special issue on systematic reviews, including a “how-to” guide, several methodological pieces, and a systematic review of the impact of daycare programs on child health.

·         Funding opportunities: DFID has a couple of interesting new grants:

-          ESRC-DFID joint fund for poverty alleviation research – phase 3

-          ESRC-DFID Development Frontiers research fund

Finally, your graph of the week – the rise of correlation doesn’t imply causation (source) as measured by Google Books:



David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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