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Friday links November 21

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  • #Lantrant (a hashtag that exists on Twitter even though Lant Pritchett himself does not) asks YOU in the comments section: "So I am with Keynes that in the long run ideas matter a ton--so people capable of having new ideas should try and find and promote big and important ones. Why become a world class health researcher and get big grants and write papers all about athlete's foot?" Or, this gem: "...if lots of countries have achieved high and productive levels of capital investment without doing microfinance then how did microfinance get singled out as the thing worth doing impact evaluation. I worry that the method is driving the topics like the drunk under the streetlight thinking his search for his keys lost elsewhere will go better with a microscope." Answers welcome...
  • Finally, "The World Bank’s Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice seeks a field supervisor (short-term consultant), based in Lome, Togo to coordinate follow-up fieldwork activities for two randomized impact evaluations in two areas of private sector development: entrepreneurship and youth employment. The consultant will be based in Lome, Togo and will have limited travel outside of Lome as part of this consultancy." 
    ToR STC Field Supervisor for Togo


Berk Özler

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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