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Friday links November 30: microinsurance, pre-school, RD code, happy migrants, and more...

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·         Jon Baron discusses the need to move towards evidence-based funding on the NY Times Economix blog including some cases where this has been done in the U.S. context.

·         Are international migrants happier after they move? Economic logic summarizes recent work I’ve done on this issue with John Gibson, Steven Stillman, and Hala Rohorua. Short answer – its complicated.

·         The CSAE blog asks what have we learned from all the agricultural microinsurance pilots? Doesn’t discuss at all lessons from a lot of the recent experiments though.

·         3ie has a new “evidence in brief” series summarizing evidence from impact evaluations it has supported. The first issue summarizes the impacts of a pre-school program in Mozambique that was also supported by the SIEF trust fund at the World Bank: pre-school is good is the non-surprising finding.

·         Some new STATA commands for regression discontinuity analysis are covered on the Mostly Harmless Econometrics blog.

·         If you want some impact evaluation in your Facebook feed (and who doesn’t?), DIME has a Facebook page with lots of good feed.


Finally, it is not too late for those of you on the job market to participate in the “blog your job market paper” series – we will consider posts sent to us by the end of next week (December 7).


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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