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Friday links: pre-school, energy conservation, the $1/day line, migration experiments and more...

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·         If you want a taste of the wide range of exciting new research going on in development economics, the programs of the CSAE conference at Oxford and PACDEV conference at UC Davis are a good place to start. CSAE even has videos of the keynotes.

·         On the All about Finance blog, Miriam Bruhn revisits her evaluation of the effects of entry regulation reform in Mexico to explore heterogeneity in impact by microenterprise species, finding interesting divergence.

·         Dean Karlan is posting advance hypotheses for IPA’s evaluation of Compartamos on the IPA blog.

·         Detailed discussion of how OPower is using randomized experiments to refine energy conservation.

·         The BBC News magazine has a discussion on the $1/day poverty line, with debate among Martin Ravallion, Lant Pritchett, Abhijit Banerjee and Jonathan Morduch.

·         A new From Evidence to Policy note looks at the impacts of a Save the Children community-based pre-school program in Mozambique – what is nice is that the note claims a policy impact of the impact evaluation – with the Mozambique Government planning on extending community-based pre-schools to 600 communities.

·         IPA’s Microsavings and payments initiative has just issued a call for expressions of interest - they have three levels of grants for work using RCTs for savings, payments or transfers.

·         Learning about migration through experiments – a new working paper based on a talk I gave at the Norface migration conference last year.


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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