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Friday Links: wage penalty, #LookLikeAnEconomist, detention vs meditation, #Rstats, #GitHub, jobs ...

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And now for some Friday links ... 
  • Nice roundup on the wage penalty for mothers vs fathers across 6 OECD economies in the Economist (hint: it’s really large, and correlates well with population-wide attitudes towards mothers who work; RT @piza_caio).
  • #LookLikeAnEconomist: some great news on that front, the next PhD cohort at UC Berkeley is 50% female! (RT @MarthaOlney). Some links to Women in Econ conferences
  • Ripe for a RCT? A school in Baltimore reports incredible results after replacing detention with meditation (RT @Noahpinion)
  • Some resources to work in R
  • New to GitHub? Don’t give up on using GitHub over a merge conflict (as most new git users do)! This GitKraken video explains what they are and how they can be solved through a desktop client (RT  @AndradeLuizaC).
  • Some recently posted pre/post-docs


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