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·         A new randomized trial is testing smelly socks as a way to stop malaria!

·         EGAP’s Statement of Principles for doing ethical experiments. Note principle 5 is that researchers shouldn’t receive remuneration from project implementers whose projects they are studying, or should disclose it if they do – taken literally this means we now need to start disclosing that the World Bank pays our salaries in every evaluation of World Bank programs…the other principles seem generally sound, although at present the list is more aspirational than common practice.

·         Andrew Gelman on how to evaluate new and wacky claims. He points to the importance of focusing on understanding the plausibility of effect sizes, not just looking at significance.

·         Regression Discontinuity in multiple dimensions on Cyrus Samii’s blog.

·         A closer look at Placebo effects: new asthma study finds Placebo works for subjective (patient-oriented) outcomes, but no effect of placebos on objective outcomes.

·         Experiments in charitable giving: should you say the glass is half empty or half full?


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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