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Job market links, the health benefits of marriage equality, social safety nets, and more

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·         Another development student on the job market, Melissa Dell, has her work on Mexican drug trafficking covered here; and on colonial institutions in Chris Blattman’s blog.

·         Something else for job market candidates to worry about – the economics of what you signal by what you wear to that job interview – at Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

·         Al Roth on why so many undergrad econ majors go into consulting and finance – they are just much better at recruiting efficiently.

·         Tim Ogden urges RCT researchers to avoid overpromising on the Financial Access Blog.

·         IEG meta-review of nearly 150 impact evaluations of social safety net programs.

·         The benefits of marriage equality – better health for gay men according to article in American Journal of Public Health, summarized here.

·         More links can be found by following David on twitter (@dmckenzie001); Berk is also on twitter (@BerkOzler12).


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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