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Links of the week: The impact of the global gag order, taking your husband’s name, zapping cash, and more…

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·         The impact of George Bush cutting funding to all NGOs operating abroad that provide or counsel women on abortion was actually to increase abortion rates according to new research by Stanford researchers – the hypothesized channel is through a reduction in the availability of birth control.

·         The impacts of a woman taking her husband’s surname (Dollars and Sex blog): she is viewed as more committed to family and less committed to employment, leading to a lower chance of employment offers.

·         David Roodman summarizes a new study by Jenny Aker and co-authors on the impact of transferring cash in Niger by Zap (like M-PESA) rather than from armored trucks.

·         Another role of economic blogs- bringing the key ideas of older literature into public discussion – Noahpinion starts a “papers you should know series”.


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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