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Updated Curated Links 2022

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Instead of weekly links this week, I’ve updated our curated links to cover another year of posts. Here, in one place are highlights from over 11 years of Development Impact blogposts.

·       Curated posts on technical topics and methodology: this covers posts on

o   Random assignment

o   Ethical issues with experiments and other research

o   Pre-analysis plans and reporting

o   Propensity-score matching

o   Difference-in-differences

o   Regression discontinuity

o   Bunching

o   Spatial discontinuity

o   Event study designs

o   Synthetic controls

o   Instrumental Variables

o   Machine learning

o   Other evaluation methods

o   Analysis

o   Power calculations and improving power

o   External validity

o   Jargony terms in impact evaluation

o   Stata and R tricks

o   Replication

o   Systematic reviews and meta-analysis

o   Book reviews for books on impact evaluation

o   Getting published

·       Curated posts on survey methods: this covers posts on

o   Survey methods and impact evaluation during COVID-19

o   Measurement

o   Survey design

o   Sampling

o   Survey checks and data accuracy

o   Managing survey teams and doing fieldwork

o   Reducing attrition

o   Cost analysis

o   Using photos

o   Administrative Data

·       Curated miscellanea: posts on

o   Interviews with journal editors, development economists, and more

o   Advice

o   Policy debates

o   Other miscellanea including our failures


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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