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Weekly links April 12: informal firms, politics, PACDEV, and more on field work

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  • The World Bank’s Enterprise Survey program is not just about surveying formal firms. In some countries (such as Mozambique, Zimbabwe & Lao DPR), they now also conduct surveys of informal firm. A harder-to-sample group than households or formal firms, the surveys use stratified adaptive cluster sampling methods—a method commonly used in the field of biology.
  • If you missed PACDEV, Vittorio Bassi has a nice roundup of the papers.  
  • For those who do field work in Africa or elsewhere, you might add this to your reading list: The Politics of Conducting Research in Africa. It’s an edited volume that explores the “ethical and emotional challenges” of conducting fieldwork in Africa and the difficulties researchers face – including objectivity, access, gender issues and information risks.


Kathleen Beegle

Research Manager and Lead Economist, Human Development, Development Economics

Markus Goldstein

Lead Economist, Africa Gender Innovation Lab and Chief Economists Office

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