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Weekly links April 22: development engineering, reporting context, the downside of good behavior, and more…

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  • The inaugural issue of Development Engineering is now out (all issues are open access!). I’m delighted that my paper on attempting to use RFID to track small firm sales is in this first issue, along with a paper on how to randomize better in sequential randomized trials, a paper that proposes a “system [which] leverages smartphones, cellular based sensors, and cloud storage and computing to lower the entry barrier to impact evaluation”, a paper on biomass stoves, and one on rural electrification. Note also this from the editor’s introduction “we see major benefits from publishing studies that find weak or no impacts. In global development, there should be no silent failures; there is inherent value in learning from interventions that fail to achieve their intended impacts.”


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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