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Weekly links December 4: Get a grant for your next IE, study televisions in schools in Delhi, read the latest on early child education

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Apply for money!
  • 3ie has a new grant window open, for “rigorous and policy-relevant impact evaluations in any of these four sectors: environment, governance, infrastructure and public finance.” Deadline is January 18, 2016.
Go to a conference!
  • The next Annual Bank Conference on Africa will be on Urbanization in Africa. The call for papers is out! Paper submission deadline is February 26, 2016, and the conference itself will be on June 13-14, 2016, at Oxford University. Keynote is by Paul Collier.
  • UNU-WIDER will have a conference on Human Capital and Growth on June 6-7, 2016, in Helsinki, Finland. Paper submission deadline is January 18, 2016. Keynotes from Pascaline Dupas and Felipe Barrera-Osorio. Here is the call.
Work on an impact evaluation!
  • Karthik Muralidharan is hiring a research associate for his project “Impact of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras on teacher effort and student achievement.” Based in Delhi.
Apply to grad school! Finish grad school! Read a review!
  • Elango, García, Heckman, and Hojman review the literature on early child education. “When children attend programs with higher quality care than they would have received at home or at an alternative setting, the effects of the programs are generally positive.” I almost referred to that paper as by Heckman et al. (since you know, famous), but then I would have been falling into the mancrediting trap that Justin Wolfers recently highlighted. (Wolfers deserves no blame for the terrible neologism there; that’s all me.)
  • Banerjee, Hanna, Kreindler, and Olken “re-analyze the data from 7 randomized controlled trials” of cash transfer programs in 6 countries. “No systematic evidence that cash transfer programs discourage work.” (Dylan Matthews from Vox summarizes the work and puts it in the context of high-income country evidence.) Here’s the picture:


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