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Weekly links February 23: tell better stories, hot days = lower profits, women need more customers, and more...

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  • Jason Kerwin on how to convert powerpoint slides to Beamer
  • In nature news, Galiani, Gertler,and Romero discuss replication efforts in economics – including incentive effects (35 journal editors said they would, in principle, publish a replication that overturned a published result, only 9 would consider one that confirmed such a result); issues with the 3ie replication project; how sociology and psychology journals fall behind; and their attempts to replicate economics papers from the data provided “We were able to produce final tables and figures from estimation data in only 37% of the studies analysed. And in only 14% of 203 studies could we do the same starting from the raw data”.


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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