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Weekly links March 24: why those of us in our 40s matter so much, an ALMP program that may be working, more CSAE round-ups, and more…

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  • Macartan Humphrey’s Oxford CSAE keynote talk video on the challenges of generating knowledge – some concepts I liked included the risks of research as entertainment, fishing across studies for the result motivated users like, and discussion of how mechanism experiments may not always deliver the promise they seem to offer.
  • A shout-out to the nice summaries of some of the CSAE sessions being done by Oxford’s DPhil students on the CSAE blog. These were nice substantive summaries of a few papers, with some reflection and genuine information-sharing. I particularly liked this one on labor which discussed some of the innovations in measurement (such as using fitbits to measure productivity), this summary of Macartan’s talk, and this summary of work on formality.
  • A nice follow-up to my ALMP post this week (where one of the areas for new action is getting people to migrate to where jobs are) – comes this post from the IGC of preliminary results in Bangladesh of how migration assistance and on the job training had a big impact on getting workers into the garment sector.


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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