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Weekly links March 6: The future of evaluation, publishing negative/null results, Science publishes a non-experimental study, and more…

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  • In Science this week – the endogeneity of support for democracy - preferences for democracy increase as individuals experience more time living under democratic rule – uses repeated rounds of World Value Surveys/AfroBarometer, and then relies in time variation in the exposure of people of different ages to democracy across countries -  one of the few non-experimental studies I’ve seen Science publish.
  • Chris Blattman in the Washington Post’s MonkeyCage blog summarizes all the microfinance RCT studies with the great quote “microfinance is a useful little product… I think of it like my family’s first microwave, in 1984: it didn’t make us better off in ways that are easy to measure, but life was a bit more convenient.”
  • Funding opportunity: Jobs Umbrella Trust Fund – open to World Bank researchers and external institutions partnering with the World Bank.


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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