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Weekly Links May 1: Trends in Impact Evaluation, JHR Symposium on Empirical Methods, Superstar Inventors and more...

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  • The Growth Economics blog hits hard with “there’s more to life to manufacturing”, among other things, making the point that even the way we code industries and occupations is heavily biased towards manufacturing and misses most of the action taking part in services growth.
  • Short video interviews with Dan Ariely on behavioral economics and jobs (h/t @TheChoiceLab).
  • Chris Blattman notes the new issue of the JHR has a symposium on empirical methods, including papers on weighting, clustering, matching, and control function approaches.
  • From the 3ie blog – trends in impact evaluation “most impact evaluations are focused on health, education, social protection, and/or agriculture…A very large share of studies (22.5 per cent) is also concentrated in just three countries: India, China and Mexico)”.
  • From VoxEU – the effect of top tax rates on the labor mobility of superstar inventors (“given a ten percentage point decrease in top tax rates, the average country would be able to retain 1% more domestic superstar inventors and attract 38% more foreign superstar inventors.”).


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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