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Weekly links: October 4: write better, poverty data your way, evidence gets used, and more...

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·       Claudia Sahm extols graduate students to write better abstracts and introductions for their job market papers, and offers advice on how to do so on her Macromom blog.

·       Estimating global poverty in R and Stata – the data blog discusses how you can access the World Bank’s global poverty measures directly from either software using the R package povcalnetR and the Stata command povcalnet

·       On VoxDev, Diana Moreira discusses a cool experiment in Brazil, which looks at demand for evidence among municipal mayors.

·       Call for Papers for the upcoming BITSS Annual Meeting (AM) on Dec. 11 is now open! They are looking for both working papers and long abstracts on all topics related to metascience: including work that assesses researcher behavior, evaluates the reproducibility of bodies of social science literature, presents new tools and strategies to increase the transparency and reproducibility of research, or evaluates the effectiveness of existing tools. Deadline is Oct 20.


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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