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Weekly links September 19: behavioral tricks and cheats, survey non-response, grit, and more…

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  • Behavioral Design: Tricks, Cheats and True Value Interventions – Nicolae Naumof has a nice discussion of how behavioural design has/is/could be used for service delivery – “Although I am against seeing applied behavioral science as a “bag of tricks”, the reality is that many companies and organizations want just a magical silver bullet to solve (almost) all their problems and to brag about how they are “trendy” and “at the cutting edge of best practices. The truth is that, quite often, applying patches (read “tricks”) is the only thing that can be done … at least at the moment.”
  • Rising survey non-response rates are making the unemployment rate less reliable over time in the U.S., via the Upshot. “In the future, we are unlikely to live in a country in which information is scant. We are certain to live in one in which information is collected in different ways.”
  • Guide and advice to economists on the junior market this year by John Cawley. Also useful for those who want to see what starting salaries, course loads, etc. are these days.
  • Can a growth mindset and grit help youth succeed? A summary of some evidence on this and some World Bank efforts underway to do more on this topic.


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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