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Weekly links September 9: no to cash? Machine learning for economists, climate economics, stupid regulations unchanged and more…

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  • In VoxEU, John Gibson on the importance of variances in measuring hunger
  • The difficulties of reforming stupid regulations: If you ever despair about why some stupid law in your favorite developing country hasn’t been changed, Planet Money has a great episode about the Jones Act in the U.S.  – “Every time you want to send something from one US port to another, the cargo must travel on a ship built in the U.S., staffed by mostly Americans, and flying the American flag.” Planet Money “Do you know any economists who like the Jones Act? STIGLITZ: No, I don't. I've never met one.”.
  • Planet Money’s latest episode covers Dean Karlan and Chris Udry’s work on insurance for farmers. Includes a behind the scenes look into how they marketed the insurance product, and several attempts to get Chris to say “I told you so” to Dean.
  • Science this week has a review paper on the social and economic impacts of climate, with several nice graphs summarizing key findings from a bunch of different studies.


David McKenzie

Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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