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Worm Wars: The Anthology

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(This post was updated on January 4, 2016.)

Over the last several weeks, tens of thousands of words have been published about a study on the benefits of deworming for Kenyan schoolchildren, about the benefits of deworming more generally, about replication in science and social science, and about the evidence base for development programs. More will surely be written. As you’ll see below, several blog posts seek to make sense of the hubbub.

For those engaged or interested in the debate, I provide links to the primary research documents as well as many of the responses.

The key research documents for the current round of the Worm Wars (there were earlier versions of the replication and responses to those, which I list below) The media articles that prompted a host of current responses Responses, interpretation, and making sense of the responses and interpretation (and it’s worth scanning the comments below the posts; much of discussion is there)
Key research documents for the last round of the Worm Wars (i.e., when the draft replications emerged, in 2014) The Data (in case you would like to replicate some or all of these papers yourself) More research papers (mentioned in some of the above) And for the deep dive, there’s always the Twitter firestorm.
Let me know what I’m missing; I am updating this post. 

Note: The image at the top of this blog post was created by me using, using the content of many of the articles linked to above.


David Evans

Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

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