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Yard signs, large surveys, self-control and more: IE links of the week

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·         Why politicians should still use yard signs – at least in local races where name recognition is low.

·         New health impact evaluation in India to survey over 100,000 households!

·         Kick-start your self-control by engaging a different part of your brain.

·         July J-PAL newsletter features research by the World Bank’s Xavier Gine on fingerprinting to reduce risky borrowing plus several other interesting links.

·         Is the war over the use of RCTs being won? Abhijit and Esther disagree in their interview with Tim Ogden (see the last part of the interview).

·         Ever seen one researcher author 4 papers in the same journal issue before? – it’s the Agnes Quisumbing special edition of the Journal of Development Effectiveness.

·         Reminder: NEUDC submission deadline is August 8.

P.S. (by Berk): And a perfect follow-up to yesterday's post on misinformation by Colbert (which had aired before my post but I just watched it on DVR last night):


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Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

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