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Bangladesh’s inclusive Central Bank

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Atiur Rahman is Governor of the Central Bank of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is now the world’s second largest apparel exporter after China, with this industry accounting for 80% of its overall exports and around 4 million jobs. Atiur Rahman, Governor of the Central Bank of Bangladesh, tells us that the government sees employment (both formal and informal) as the link between growth and poverty reduction, with an emphasis on inclusive growth policy and financial inclusion.

Workers in the Wool Tex Sweaters Limited in Shewrapara, Dhaka. Photo: Abir Abdullah/ADB

He says that in recent years, the central bank has reoriented itself to focus on three key challenges: (1) enhancing access to finance (especially agriculture and small- and medium-sized enterprises, “green” endeavors, and women); (2) supporting skills development; and (3) enhancing infrastructure – not only roads and railways but also cyber infrastructure. And a high priority is worker safety.

In our next blog, we will explore the garment industry's global value chain.


Atiur Rahman

Governor, Central Bank of Bangladesh

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