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Bringing New Environmental Technologies to China

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Jianxiong Peng is the Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of KOE Technology Investment Co, Ltd. 

For youth entrepreneurs, the challenges are especially great because of their lack of business experience. We spoke with Jianxiong Peng, a youth entrepreneur from Beijing and the cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of KOE Technology Investment Co, Ltd.

Peng's company aims to transfer top environmental technologies from developed countries – such as Japan – which can solve Chinese environmental problems and then incubate companies for each transferred technology. The company now has 45 employees, 85% of which are younger than the age of 33. He talked about the need for the government to provide capital support and tax breaks, along with rethinking the university educational structure. He also explored roles for the private sector and nongovernmental organizations in providing seed capital and overseas training opportunities. 

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Jianxiong Peng

CEO, KOE Technology Investment Co.

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