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Certifying Skills in Chile

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Hernan Araneda is the Head of the Center for Innovation in Human Capital, Fundación Chile. He was interviewed by the JKP on May 22, 2012.

For workers trying to get better jobs, skill certification systems offer a way to upgrade their skills to meet what the labor market is demanding and then get those skills recognized formally. That is why from 1999-2009, Chile undertook a series of pilot projects – involving 15 business sectors (such as construction, tourism, processed foods, and fruits) and 30,000 workers – to develop a national certification system.

We recently spoke with Hernán Araneda, head of the Center for Innovation in Human Capital in Fundación Chile, about the pilot projects that he designed, oversaw, and scaled up. He says the biggest challenge was getting industry and employers involved to ensure that the certificate’s value was linked to the demands of the labor market.

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