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College education still makes a huge difference for Chinese workers

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A recent study undertaken by Professor Hongbin Li of Tsinghua University, has looked at the rates of return from a college education in China. On all levels, having a college degree pays off, even with the recent sharp increase in the number of graduates. Moreover, the returns that accrue from going to the very best colleges are exponentially larger than those gained by graduating from a middling or low ranked college. Over a lifetime of employment, this adds up to a huge difference in total earnings.

This video interview was conducted during the the 8th Asian Conference on Applied Micro-Economcs and Econometrics on November 28-29, 2014, where Professor Hongbin Li discussed his study on the impact on the returns to college education in the Chinese labor market. The conference was co-organized by the HKUST Institute of Emerging Market Studies ( ) and the Department of Economics, and focused heavily on the themes of labor economics and policy. 

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