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Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Middle East and North Africa

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Neveen El Tahri is the Chairwoman and Managing Director of Delta Shield for Investment.

For the Middle East and North Africa, a major challenge is creating meaningful and plentiful job opportunities. How can this be done? We spoke with Neveen El Tahri, Chairwoman and Managing Director of Delta Shield for Investment, an organization she founded to mentor Egyptian entrepreneurs.

Alabaster Factory Store, 2008 by Jay Galvin

Previously,  El Tahri was Co-Chair and Managing Director of Delta Financial Investments, a family holding company focused on incubating small and medium-size enterprises and entrepreneurs. The first woman to join the board of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, El Tahri has been twice named by the Financial Times as one of the leading businesswomen in the Arab world. In the interview, she emphasizes the need to narrow the skills gap, create a good business environment, and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit, especially among young people.

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Neveen El Tahri

Delta Shield for Investment

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