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Focusing on Job Quality and Youth

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Jürgen Zattler is the Deputy Director of European and Multilateral Development Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation & Development. He was interviewed by the JKP on April 20, 2012.

For Germany, one of the largest foreign aid donors, the recent financial crisis poses challenges both at home and abroad.

We spoke with Juergen Zattler – the Deputy Director General for Multilateral and European Policy in the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development – about how the ministry approaches job creation in developing countries and whether any lessons could be drawn from Germany’s own recent labor market experience. He highlights the ministry’s focus on job quality and youth employment and stresses the need for flexible labor markets.

This post was first published on the Jobs Knowledge Platform.


Jürgen Zattler

Deputy Director, European and Multilateral Development, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation & Development

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