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Here’s what economic inclusion experts are reading this month

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A worker sorts the green leaf tea before it reaches the main processing floor. A worker sorts the green leaf tea before it reaches the main processing floor.

One of the most stubborn challenges in development is transforming the economic lives of people in extreme poverty and vulnerability. As part of a wider jobs perspective, the agenda around economic inclusion is quickly evolving. Country programs are looking for solutions that connect household and community interventions with the local economy, best practices to scale up economic inclusion programs, and strategies to tackle the political realities that surround scaling up.

This month’s reading list, curated with the Partnership for Economic Inclusion, takes stock of recent literature and country experiences looking at the global landscape of economic inclusion programs, and in particular how this is being shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic.

An overview of the world’s economic inclusion programs

  • The Partnership for Economic Inclusion’s preview of the forthcoming "State of Economic Inclusion Report 2020” reflects the dramatically evolving global landscape for economic inclusion programs. The report presents data from 219 programs, with over 90 million beneficiaries globally, and incorporates a new framework for governments to strengthen opportunities for the extremely poor and vulnerable.

  • And PEI’s new open access data portal dashboard contains high quality data from the surveys conducted as part of the SEI 2020 report. The open-access platform allows users to explore country-specific information, and the PEI Quick Costing Tool can be used as a starting point to unpack debates around cost optimization and efficiency.

Essential readings

The broader jobs agenda

COVID-19 related articles

This list is based on the Knowledge4Jobs newsletter that is curated by the Jobs Group and the Labor and Skills Global Solutions Group of the World Bank. To find out more about PEI, sign up for the PEI newsletter.

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