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Job Creation in Fragile States - Lessons from Yemen

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Abdullah Al-Dailami is Acting Managing Director of the Social Fund for Development in Yemen.

In this blog on creating jobs and expanding social protection in post-conflict and fragile states, we focus in on the Middle East — specifically Yemen. As is the case in sub-Saharan Africa (see previous blog on Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo), here, too, fragile states must contend with high youth unemployment, scarce formal sector jobs, weak institutions, and a lack of social protection, on top of the loss of lives, assets, education, and disruption from the conflict itself.

Morning assembly at Shaheed Mohamed Motaher Zaid School, Sana'a, which received funds from Yemen's Social Fund for Development. Photo: Dana Smillie / World Bank

The JKP recently spoke with Abdullah Al-Dailami, Acting Managing Director of the Social Fund for Development (SFD), which was begun in the late 1990s to improve access to basic social services for the poorest. He says that a major emphasis now is providing access to financial and non-financial services to help people engage in self-employment. Major programs center on creating labor intensive works (such as on infrastructure), encouraging the private sector to engage in micro lending, and exploring a greater use of new technology (such as for mobile banking and electronic money transfers).

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Abdullah Al-Dailami

Social Fund for Development, Yemen

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