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Keeping Peru on a Strong Economic Path

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Luis Miguel Castilla is the Minister of Economy and Finance of Peru.

Over the past decade, Peru has enjoyed one of the best performing economies in Latin America – one that took the financial crisis in stride. Now its focus is on sustaining this trajectory and, with about a third of the population in poverty, spread the economic gains more broadly. At the November Latin American Economic Association (LACEA) and Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society (LAMES) conference in Peru, the JKP team and Vox LACEA spoke with Luis Miguel Castilla, Peru’s Minister of Economy and Finance – recently dubbed Latin America’s best Finance Minister in 2012 by Emerging Markets magazine.


Castilla says his top economic priorities are growth, productivity, and social inclusion – building on the lessons that Latin America has learned about the importance of macroeconomic stability. He also hopes to entice the private sector into partnerships with the public sector to reduce informality in the labor market and improve the quality of jobs.

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Luis Miguel Castilla

Minister of Economy and Finance, Peru

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