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Leveraging Mobile Technology to Connect India’s Informal Sector

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Sean Blagsvedt is the CEO and Founder of

How can employers with low-skill job openings in the informal sector (such as for cooks, maids, security guards, and office helpers) efficiently connect with potential employees? In India, since 2007, there's been a Bangalore-based web and mobile start-up——trying to do that via the web, mobile apps, SMS, the mobile web, and voice services.

Jodphur, Rajasthan, India - Jan 29, 2009: Indian man sitting on motor bike talking into mobile phone. Jodhpur is blue city in north India, most buildings in old town area are painted in blue, even inside the rooms.  photo courtesy: ©2009 Tian Zhan


We spoke with Sean Blagsvedt, the company's founder and Chief Executive Officer, who told us that Babajob now has a presence in every state in India, with about 500,000 registered job seekers and 70,000 employers using the platform. We asked how the government could help digital marketplaces? He said what's needed are less costly, standardized ways to secure accurate data on job seekers and verify their identities.

Click here to watch the intro video.

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Sean Blagsvedt

CEO and Founder,

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