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Liberia's Project to Empower Adolescent Girls and Young Women

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Dala T. Korkoyah, Jr. is the Monitoring and Evaluation Director at the Ministry of Gender and Development in Liberia.

In late 2009, Liberia launched the Economic Empowerment of Adolescent Girls and Young Women (EPAG) project, the first pilot of the World Bank’s Adolescent Girls Initiative. It provides training in business development skills, job skills, and life skills for 2,500 young women ages 16-27 years—which is vital in a country where youth unemployment is high, opportunities to enter in wage employment are few, and girls are especially vulnerable.

Business skills trainee selling fish

We asked Dala T. Korkoyah, Jr.—EPAG Monitoring and Evaluation Director—about the preliminary results of the midline survey. He reports that EPAG has succeeded in boosting employment and earnings among young women, thanks to innovative training strategies and strategic links with the private sector. A carefully designed curriculum considers issues such as illiteracy, access to finance, and childcare. He also stresses the importance of conducting impact evaluation and quality monitoring.

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Dala T. Korkoyah Jr.

Ministry of Gender and Development, Liberia

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