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A More Modern, Inclusive Tunisia

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Radhi Meddeb is the President of Action of Développement Solidaire. He was interviewed by the JKP on March 14, 2012.

The “Arab Spring,” which began in Tunisia in December 2010, heard calls for jobs, dignity, better governance, and a more inclusive growth model. Over a year later, how is Tunisia doing on the labor front? We spoke with Radhi Meddeb – President of Action et Développement Solidaire (a Tunisian civil society group), Chairman of COMETE Engineering Group, and Chairman of IPEMED (a Euro-Mediterranean think-tank).

Meddeb says the key problems that triggered the revolution in Tunisia, such as unemployment, inequality, and poor infrastructure have yet to be dealt with. He cites job creation as the nation’s top priority, and in the medium term, banking sector reform, along with promoting an innovation and entrepreneurial culture.

This post was first published on the Jobs Knowledge Platform.


Radhi Meddeb

Action of Développement Solidaire

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