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Rethinking Social Protection and Labor in Tanzania

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Amadeus Kamagenge is the Head of Systems, Training, Research and Participation at the Tanzania Social Action Fund.

A critical player in Tanzania's effort to break the intergeneration cycle of poverty is the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) — a government funding facility that allows local and village governments to respond to community demands for interventions aimed at achieving the UN 2015 Millennium Development Goals on reducing poverty and improving standards of living. Launched in 2000, TASAF recently embarked on a new phase that focuses on an integrated approach to social protection and labor—involving a public works program, scaled up conditional cash transfers, and the creation of a nationwide safety net.

 Laborer working on an irrigation project. Tanzania. Photo: Scott Wallace / World Bank

We spoke with Amadeus Kamagenge, TASAF's Head of Systems, Training, Research, and Participation, about his top priorities. He stresses the need for institutional capacity, more accountability and transparency, and good data. He says TASAF is also trying to take advantage of mobile phones to track progress, monitor compliance, and handle grievances.

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Amadeus Kamagenge

Tanzania Social Action Fund

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