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Sparking Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Part II)

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John Van Reenen is a Professor of Economics and Director Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics.

As policy makers in developed and developing countries alike search for ways to boost productivity, create more and better jobs, increase wages, and lower poverty, they are increasingly focusing on stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship. How can this be done? We asked an expert on this topic – John Van Reenen, Director of the Centre for Economic Performance and Professor of Economics, London School of Economics.

Building hospital gurneys at the Tautmann factory in Turkey Photo: Simone D. McCourtie / SDM-TR-064 World Bank

In Part II of a two-part series, he emphasizes the need for countries to not only find their comparative advantage but ensure that it is in an area where demand is likely to grow. He also explores how countries can learn from one another and how firms or farms within a country can learn from each other – for example, on good management practices.

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John Van Reenan

London School of Economics

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