A laboratory for peace in a small Colombian village

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The Montes de María, between the departments of Sucre and Bolivar in the north of Colombia, has been the stage for violent conflict for a long time. In this region, people can't trust their neighbors, poverty is common and opportunities scarce.

In 2004 , the program “Paz y Desarrollo” (Peace and Development) of the Colombian government, co-financed by the World Bank, began to support civil society initiatives to achieve local development and build peace.

Yarleidys Chamorro, 17, lives in Caracol, a small town in the Montes de María. Like millions of Colombians, Yarleidys and her family are displaced people, meaning they left their home to escape violence.

The young girl goes to a school in Caracol that offers agriculture classes and has a little laboratory in which students can put into practice what they learn in their theoretical classes. The school is part of a project of the Peace and Development program.

This video is Yarleidys' story and how her life changed:


Isabelle Schaefer

Former Online Producer, Mexico and Colombia

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