Jamaica + Animation: A match made in heaven

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At university in the US, animation graduate Kira Clayton was always asked what career opportunities she would have when she returned to her native Jamaica.
Now, after a a week’s intensive animation workshop from the best in the business, she is on the best path to a career and is looking forward to a summer program scholarship at Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada.
Animation & Jamaica: A match made in heaven

Why? She was one of five winners in the inaugural KingstOOn fest – a two-day workshop and conference, which brought together future animators, industry leaders and business partners along with government officials from the Governments of Jamaica and Canada to lay the foundation stones for a Jamaican animation hub.
In the video she talks us through her winning entry, what it was like to pitch her work to the judges and what turning Jamaica into an animation hub would mean for her.

Watch Kira’s film, ‘Down To Earth,’ and the other winning entries online.

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