Quinoa from five points of view

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Tell a journalist that they’ll be covering a story on a subject they’re passionate about and you’ll make their day. Tell a cook they’ll be tasting different dishes made with the same ingredient, they’ll be on cloud nine.

I’m both a journalist and a cook. As a journalist I’m passionate about how we will face the challenge of feeding an increasing number of people with limited resources. As a cook, I love to explore the nutritional and flavor possibilities a single ingredient can offer.

So, when I found out I’d be covering the World Bank events celebrating 2013 being named the International Year of Quinoa –and that such events included sampling various dishes made from quinoa -, I was on cloud nine with my day most certainly made.

Alongside enjoying the recipes, I learned how the World Bank is supporting quinoa producers  in Bolivia and Peru with finance, knowledge and even with the development of new grain varieties.

Food, especially one as ancient as quinoa, is more than just something to eat. It is interlinked with culture, art, history, our survival as a species, with food security and much more.

When thinking about how to reflect that complexity, I decided it would be interesting to ask people from different walks of life to share their visions on quinoa. It resulted in this video.

Please, take two minutes to watch it and add your perspective of quinoa in the comments.


José Baig

Former Web Editor

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