Trinidad & Tobago: Stephon Gabriel wins Voices4Climate competition

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Stephon Gabriel was overjoyed when an email popped up in his inbox announcing he had won the World Bank's Voices4Climate competition. One of 19 winners from 14 countries, his music video 'A Changing World' beat more than one thousand other music videos, photos and videos to the top prize.

Talking after the award ceremony, the young producer from Trinidad and Tobago described how he had become inspired to write the song after seeing how climate change is already affecting his native Caribbean. It was then that the words and music began to flow as he sought to "sensitise the listener around climate change."

His entry, "A Changing World' - performed by Trinidadian musician Psalmist Mekaiel- takes us on a journey through a world ravaged by climate change before returning us to the present day, where we are confronted with how our lifestyles are contributing to the Earth's destruction. But the ink is far from dry, and talking in the video below Stephon is keen to emphasise the solution also lies in our hands.

Click the video to watch Stephon talk us through his winning composition.

Stephon Gabriel: Voices4Climate Winner

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Listen to 'A Changing World' on YouTube.


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