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5 Ways to Join African Ministers at Annual Meetings

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Life won’t stop for the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings this week, but like the true development junkie you are, you are already calculating how quickly you have to eat breakfast to make it in time for #EmpowerWomen.

Luckily, your good friends at the Africa Region are just as determined to make sure you stay in the loop. We sense your angst and we’ve got you covered.

Here are the 5 easiest ways to get the most out of Annual Meetings and make sure you don’t miss anything:

You don’t have to be anywhere near the Bank to attend the meetings. All events will be available for you to watch online at If you have to miss the event at the scheduled time, you’ll find a recording after the fact. There’s also a chat box on our Livestream channel for any comments or questions you have for the panelists, or other viewers.

Tip: Too busy to sit down and watch? Grab a pair of headphones and listen while you work!

@WorldBankAfrica will be live tweeting at the events, feeding you quotes, updates, and comments from our viewers. Even if you can’t watch or listen to an event, you can always pop in on Twitter and track the discussion with our hashtags. Our hashtags will give you a chance to engage with us, as well as Africa leaders like @NOIweala, international journalists like @FemiOke, media outlets like @AfricaInvestor, development leaders like @HelenClarkUNDP and other organizations in Africa like @_AfricanUnion.

Hashtags explained:
#AskDiop: Throughout the Meetings, the Africa Region’s Vice President Makhtar Diop will be taking questions and comments.
#endpoverty:  The official hashtag of the Annual Meetings. This hashtag is not Africa-exclusive, so it will give you an overview of all Annual Meetings events.
#EmpowerWomen:  On Saturday, October 12th, we have an event on gender equality as smart economics and its role in development: RSVP to watch #EmpowerWomen online: - and tell your friends!
#ATRafrica:  On Sunday, October 13th, we are collaborating with the African Center for Economic Transformation (@AcetforAfrica) at an event to discuss how Africa needs more than just economic growth…but economic transformation: RSVP to watch #ATRafrica online: – spread the word!
#AfricasPulse:  On Monday, October 7, we discussed the trends and prospects of Africa’s economic growth. Visit our video library:

This year we will be streaming the events on our Facebook page as they happen. In our Events tab, we will keep you updated with the upcoming events. We also have a check-in-and-chat feature that allows you to chat with your friends and the other online viewers. This way, you don’t have to go back and forth from Facebook to Livestream to engage with your friends.

Tip: Invite your friends to the Facebook events. You will have a lot to say and might need some backup.

During the Annual Meetings, Nasikiliza will be blogging about how the events go. Featured quotes from scheduled speakers are to be expected, but also be prepared to take in what viewers from around the world have to say. Our online audience is notoriously vocal, and they are especially lit up during live events. Who knows, your tweet could be our next headline!

Following the Annual Meetings, Nasikiliza will finally have everything in one place. Check in after the Meetings to get a full roundup of everything that happened.

Tip: Don’t hesitate to comment on the blogs. Share your thoughts! 

World Bank App
A FREE Annual Meetings app is available on Google Play and on iTunes for Apple and Android devices.
Easy to navigate, this app places at your fingertips everything from the Annual Meetings schedule and speakers to the tweets and pictures being posted.

Although everything about the Annual Meetings is at your disposal, the point of the app is not to exhaust you with every single thing happening. So for those of us with no desire to be omniscient, the app allows us to track only the events we are interested in.

Tip: Be sure to sync the app with your Twitter and Facebook pages.

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