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Your thoughts on Brazil-Africa partnerships

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Brazil and Sub Saharan Africa: Partnering for GrowthOn June 5, the World Bank will host an event focused on the ongoing relationship between Brazil and countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The event will be web streamed. Panelists will discuss Brazil’s experiences in the areas of agriculture, social protection and vocational training, and ways in which African countries can benefit.

Ahead of the event, we’re seeking your questions and comments. Please read the recently launched report Bridging the Atlantic: Brazil and Sub-Saharan Africa Partnering for Growth. The report highlights these key points:

• Brazil and Sub-Saharan Africa are re-establishing a robust engagement, after over 200 years.
• Due to strong historic and cultural links and similar geological and climatic conditions, Brazilian technology is easily adapted to Africa. 
• Brazil has emerged as one of the world’s strongest economies and is playing an important role in redefining “the global south” in the changing world architecture.
• Brazil’s economic growth, its success in narrowing social inequality and its development experience offer lessons for African countries.  Brazil has expressed interest in learning from African experiences.
• Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have requested cooperation from Brazil in five key areas: tropical agriculture, tropical medicine, vocational training, energy and social protection.
• Brazil’s trade with Sub-Saharan Africa increased between 2000 and 2010 from U$2 billion to U$12 billion; with expectations of continuous growth in the coming years.

Submit any questions or comments on this blog. We’ll answer a selection of your questions during the event and will respond to others in a subsequent blog post.

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Susana Carrillo

Senior Specialist at the Capacity Development and Partnerships Unit in the Africa Region

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