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2013 Global and Regional Estimates for Child Malnutrition Released

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UNICEF, WHO, and the World Bank Group released in September an updated joint dataset and interactive dashboards of the 1990 – 2013 global and regional estimates for child malnutrition indicators – underweight, stunting, wasting, severe wasting, and overweight prevalence and numbers.  As a precision measure, all estimates are accompanied with their 95% confidence intervals.  Wasting and severe wasting, a serious malnutrition condition, tend to change rapidly, and therefore, their estimates are presented for 2013 only.


This is the second update of these estimates since the first joint collaboration two years ago.  This year’s update incorporated a few refinements to the estimation method and assessed the population coverage of each estimate. For details, please refer to the 2013 estimates summary note, which can be found on the WHO website Global Database on Child Growth and Malnutrition.

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