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The World Bank recently launched a new version of the DataBank application, for exploring, analyzing and sharing the popular collection of more than 8,000 social and economic development indicators.


DataBank includes indicators from high quality, relevant collections, such as:

  • World Development Indicators
  • Global Development Finance
  • Education, Gender and Health, Nutrition and Population Statistics
  • The Millennium Development Goals
  • Global Economic Prospects, with data on the short, medium, and long-term outlook for the global economy


Many datasets include data for over 200 economies and 50 years; DataBank lets you explore data using tables, charts and maps, and download data in multiple formats.


The new DataBank aims to improve look, feel and usability - and new features help users create, share and customize reports. After listening to user feedback, a new feature to create and save selections, either as private or public reports has been developed. Visualization tools have also been improved to use HTML5 and will now work on iPads. Integration with popular social media tools has also been added.



DataBank now helps you collaborate with others, to share and improve your analyses. View reports created by others, build and expand on them, and save and share your own tables, charts and maps. The new DataBank also lets you create and copy HTML code snippets, so that you can easily embed live charts, maps and tables into blogs and interactive dashboards - and your readers will be able to link back to the original chart or map to explore the dataset further.



Find and use more Open Data…

The new DataBank is just one part of the World Bank’s expanding Open Data Initiative. Explore the full range of datasets at  And we'd love to hear what you think about the new DataBank, our datasets, and any of our other tools: send your feedback to

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