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International Debt Statistics 2014 now available

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IDS 2014

The 2014 edition of International Debt Statistics (IDS) has just been released. IDS 2014 draws from comprehensive databases of debt statistics collected from 124 low and middle-income countries, as well as quarterly external and public sector debt from high-income economies. As part of this year's release, the new features include:

  • New online tables with all the regional and country data tables that were previously published in the book, as well as additional topical tables with data for high-income economies. The regional and country data tables have been expanded with new indicators that were not available earlier in the print publication. All of the data tables will now be compiled directly from the latest version of the database, with metadata attached to individual values. These will display in web browsers, and be available as PDF-format downloads. 
  • Improvements to the print edition with additional analyses of the Quarterly External Debt Statistics database (QEDS) and Quarterly Public Sector database (QPSD), and regional analysis of debt statistics. The publication also includes more compact one-page regional and country tables with key external debt indicators.
  • New online dashboard that allows to easily navigate to all of World Bank's existing resources relating to debt statistics. This site will serve as a central hub for information and access to the various databases, debt compilation methodology, latest news and debt data visualizations.
  • An updated version of the ebook.


Access the new IDS 2014 at, explore the online dashboard at, and access the online dataset via the new multilingual DataBank.

For more information, feel free to access our existing knowledge base or contact the Development Data Group by going to the Support section of the site. You can also view the International Debt Statistics publication page or access International Debt Statistics page in the Open Knowledge Repository.

International Debt Statistics 2014 is a successor of the World Bank's publication, Global Development Finance (2010-2012), Global Development Finance, Volume II (1997 through 2009), and its precursor, World Debt Tables (1973 through 1996).

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