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open-forum_logo-no-text.jpegOn October 7-8, the world's financial leaders will be in Washington, D.C., discussing the most pressing issues in the wake of the financial crisis. You’re invited to join the conversation at the World Bank Open Forum, an online event featuring expert discussions, live video and a 24-hour chat-room on three key issues: free and open data, global job creation, and major development challenges.

Session 1: Open Development Solutions, October 7th

Free and open public data is all the rage for governments and international agencies--and for good reason. This session will reveal how open data can benefit people and brainstorm new ways to convert data into development solutions.

Session 2: Jumpstarting Jobs, October 7th

Global unemployment is estimated to have increased by nearly 34 million people, and 53 million more will remain in extreme poverty. This session will discuss the unemployment crisis and opportunities for job growth.

Session 3: Development Now, October 8th

Following the September 2010 U.N. Summit on the Millennium Development Goals, this session will examine what the changing aid landscape means for the global community's mission to reduce poverty.

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